Here are some FAQs but of course if a point is not covered please do get in touch..

Q. Some manufacturers offer a 18mm door and drawer - Handleless Kitchens Birmingham offer use a 22mm profile. Why?

A. 18mm is too small for many people to get their fingers in - if you cannot get your fingers in the grove to open the door then it is not going to work. 22mm is the optimum and that is why we offer that size. It also makes the units more rigid and with our stone worktops makes a great combination.

Yes – if you prefer handles we can supply the doors with handles.

Whilst handleless kitchens are very popular for whatever reason some people prefer handles and want us to supply both the kitchen units and worktops which is understandable.

Saturday by appointment and currently on Sunday we are shut.

We supply a lot of trade customers as well as direct to the public but to keep overheads down Handleless Kitchens Birmingham is only open Monday - Friday 9:00 - 4:30 and Saturday by appointment. The upside is you will be talking to someone who knows what they are talking about!

Yes, if you are just looking to refresh your kitchen that is a possibility – but we will tell you honestly if your carcasses are not suitable.