Direct From The Manufacturer

J Handleless Kitchens Birmingham - Direct From The Manufacturer

Save time money and stress by purchasing your handleless kitchen doors and drawers plus stone worktop direct from the manufacturer.

We manufacturer the doors drawers and trims here in our workshop, along side cutting and shaping kitchen worktops, matched with 22mm high quality carcasses. Trade and retail customers welcome.

Why Choose Handleless Kitchens

  1. Sophistication, maximisation of space with no handles to catch yourself on enables you to make the most of your space.
  2. Reduced risk of accidents.
  3. Children struggle to open these doors - helping to keep them safe.
  4. More choice regarding worktops (which we are a major supplier of.) 
  5. Easier to clean down and hygienic - helping keep your family save from bacteria.
  6. Allow your kitchen to stand out from the handles to create a real wow factor.
  7. Handleless units work well in open plan situations blending between the kitchen and other rooms.
  8. if you are looking for a modern look which will not date then a handleless kitchen is the perfect answer.

Allow Us to help you create your dream kitchen

Purchasing your handleless kitchen direct from us will save you money, time and stress.

Are Handleless Kitchens More Expensive?

Maybe at some places, why not come down to our factory and see for yourself. We are very confident that Handleless Kitchens Birmingham can provide a very competitive quote for your kitchen units and worktop when comparing like with like. It is true that they often look more expensive.

What Is a Handleless Kitchen?

The drawers and doors have a groove in to open. On some manufacturers units this is only 18mm - this is too small and that is why we supply a 22mm unit. The absence of handles coupled with the paint finish ensures that they look great, creating a sophisticated look which enables your kitchen to transition to the rest of your home. They work really well with a modern open plan design.